Reclaim Justice Network is a collaboration of individuals, groups, campaigners, activists, trade unionists, practitioners and researchers and people most directly affected by criminal justice systems, who are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of criminal justice systems and to build effective and socially just alternatives.

A list of steering group members can be viewed at the bottom of this page. In December 2016, the Reclaim Justice Network received a grant from The Edge Fund.

To get in touch, you can email us at reclaimjusticenetwork@gmail.com.

Click here to download a pdf copy of our flyer. 


  1. To promote genuine alternatives to criminal justice systems and social inequalities.
  2. To advocate for social justice solutions rather than punishment as a response to social problems, inequalities and harm.
  3. To campaign for a radical reduction in the size and scope of criminal justice systems.

What we do:

  1. We campaign around the need to radically reduce the size, scope and reach of criminal justice systems.
  2. We develop and engage people with resources that expose the realities and failures of criminal justice systems.
  3. We advocate and educate for social justice solutions rather than criminal justice reactions to social problems, inequalities and harms.

Motivating principles

  1. We believe that the current use and expansion of the criminal justice system is unsustainable, unethical and ineffective in responding to social problems and harms.
  2. We recognise that the criminal justice system exacerbates inequality, discrimination and marginalisation at a huge social, political and economic cost.
  3. We intend our work to be informed by and relevant to the experiences of those who are most directly affected by criminal justice systems.
  4. We work collaboratively, collectively and non-hierarchically.

Steering group

  • Zack Ahmed
  • Claire Cain
  • Deborah Drake, ICCCR – The Open University
  • Chris Hignett
  • Tom Kemp
  • Sarah Lamble
  • Maureen Mansfield
  • Will McMahon
  • Hannah Pittaway
  • Rebecca Roberts
  • Neena Samota, Chair of Coalition for Racial Justice
  • Faith Spear

Our work is also supported by a number of advocates

  • Sacha Darke
  • Rachel Halford
  • John Moore
  • Gloria Morrison, Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association
  • Alexandra Phillips
  • David Scott