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#ReclaimHolloway: March with us on 14 May

March to Holloway prison to demand council housing and facilities for local community services be built there when it is demolished.

Saturday 14th May

  • 11.30: Gather in front of university buildings just south of Holloway tube station and across the road
  • 12.00: Set off up Holloway Road, walking to Seven Sisters Road
  • 12.30: Arrive at HMP Holloway entrance
  • National and local speakers until 13.00.

Download the flyer here.

Download the press release here.

We are working to build a broad coalition to campaign against the privatisation of public land and services through the closure of prisons, and to call for the provision of council housing and services for the local community on the Holloway prison site.


Organised by IHOOPS, Kill the Housing Bill and the Reclaim Justice Network.

1 thought on “#ReclaimHolloway: March with us on 14 May”

  1. Back in the early 1970s, when a decision was to be made whether to redevelop or demolish the prison, Islington’s Labour council proposed that it should make way for social housing.

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