VIDEO: Can there be justice without punishment?

Punishment lies at the heart of most criminal justice systems within western liberal democracies. But is punishment a necessary component of justice? What does punishment achieve? What is the relationship between punishment and accountability? In this talk, Dr Sarah Lamble considers what justice might look like in the absence of punishment and explores what non-punitive justice might offer for preventing, reducing and responding to violence.

Drawing on Sarah’s research on community-based restorative and transformative justice practices in the US, Canada and the UK, the talk focuses specifically on cases of identity-based violence to untangle some of our taken-for-granted assumptions about punishment and explore the possibilities that alternative visions of justice might offer.

A video of Sarah’s lecture can be viewed online here.

Sarah Lamble is Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean for Criminology in the School of Law at Birkbeck College. Sarah’s research considers the relationships between gender, sexuality and criminal justice, particularly in relation to questions of violence and punishment. Sarah is co-editor of the Routledge Social Justice Book Series, a member of the Reclaim Justice Network steering group and sits on the steering committee of the Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality Group.

This event was held in collaboration with Birkbeck School of Law and the Reclaim Justice Network.

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