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Secure Colleges – What could possibly go wrong?

Plans for the building of a ‘secure college’ in Leicestershire have reportedly been put on hold until after the general election. The Reclaim Justice Network has published a briefing raising concerns about these institutions and urging all political parties to completely abandon the plans completely. The article below elaborates on these concerns and highlights the need for a … Continue reading

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  • There are alternatives to the criminal justice system. Some are already being implemented. You can be involved in creating more. Download the new Reclaim Justice Network pamphlet. 
  • Nicole Vosper offers a vision of a world without prisons in Red Pepper magazine: Prisons are so ingrained in our psyches that we can’t imagine a world without them... I ask that we stop begging for reform and starting fighting for abolition  

Reclaim Justice Network

Reclaim Justice Network is a collaboration of individuals, groups, campaigners, activists, trade unionists, practitioners and researchers and people most directly affected by criminal justice systems, who are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of criminal justice systems and to build effective and socially just alternatives.

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