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Rebecca Roberts reviews ‘Locked down, locked out’, describing it as a useful resource for activists. Many academic papers, political speeches and newspaper column inches have been devoted to the idea that with a tweak here and a tweak there – the police, courts, prisons and probation services can deliver safety and security.  Maya Schenwar’s analysis is … Continue reading

Links and updates

  • The Reclaim Justice Network would like to draw attention to the mass hunger strikes and protest across at least five different Immigration Detention Centres including Harmondsworth, Dungavel, Colnbrook, Morton Hall and Tinsley House. (more…)
  • Prison Action London are organising an event on 15 December 2014 for those supporting people in prison, or those who are just about to leave prison. Find out more here.
  • "The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is a term used to describe the overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and political problems.  The Prison Industrial Complex is not just prisons themselves, it is a mutually reinforcing web of relationships, between and not limited to, for example, prisons, the probation service, the police, the courts, all the companies that profit from transporting, feeding and exploiting prisoners." Check out the full description on the Prison Abolition 2014 website.
  • Baillie Aaron in this TEDx talk argues that we should abolish the word 'offender' from our vocabulary. You can watch the YouTube clip here.
  • Are you concerned about the involvement of private companies in detaining and punishing people in the UK? If so you might be interested in taking part in shareholder actions later this year. Email us at reclaimjustice@gmail.com for more information.
  • There are alternatives to the criminal justice system. Some are already being implemented. You can be involved in creating more. Download the new Reclaim Justice Network pamphlet. 
  • To listen to the recent lecture given by Angela Davis, author of 'Are prisons obsolete?', to Birkbeck University visit the Backdoor Broadcasting Company website.
  • Check out this toolkit from the US based 'Curb Prison Spending' website - 'A how-to-guide to organizing for alternatives to jail expansion in your community'. Published in 2006 it still has plenty of relevance today.
  • Nicole Vosper offers a vision of a world without prisons in Red Pepper magazine: Prisons are so ingrained in our psyches that we can’t imagine a world without them... I ask that we stop begging for reform and starting fighting for abolition  
  • Adam Gopnik from the New Yorker back in January 2012 demonstrates the role of corporate interests in the maintenance and expansion of criminal justice. (more…)

Reclaim Justice Network

Reclaim Justice Network is a collaboration of individuals, groups, campaigners, activists, trade unionists, practitioners and researchers and people most directly affected by criminal justice systems, who are working together to radically reduce the size and scope of criminal justice systems and to build effective and socially just alternatives.

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